Selasa, 24 September 2013

Tondano Boulevard Kota Manado

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From Ananas Cafe, we picked up my grandma and uncle at my grandma's house and went straight to Tondano. What we seek is not fancy lakefront restaurant, but the small restaurants in Tondano Boulevard.

Tondano Boulevard Street

The ricefield view from the restaurants

Tondano Boulevard is a small and long street splitting a huge ricefield into two parts. The street is filled with lots of small restaurants in both sides. But all the restaurants have the same signature dish: Sate Kolombi.

Kolombi is a snail that lives in the ricefields. It's maybe kinda like escargot. lol. You know, our family usually don't like to eat unusual animals, but it's different with kolombi. Even my lil sis, who doesn't like most of Manado's food, likes this.

So meet the famous Sate Kolombi Bakar Rica (Kolombi Satay). It's hot, it's chewy, and it's addictive. A must try food when you come to Manado.

Beside Sate Kolombi, there are other dishes too. These are what we ordered that day. The Grilled Tilapia Fish (Mujair Bakar Rica) is my second favourite dish.

Grilled Corn

Again, Perkedel Nike

Kolombi Woku, not as delicious as the satay

Grilled Tilapia Fish (Mujair Bakar Rica) 


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